Mountaineers–September 2, 2012


Christy, Carol, Lynn

Sunny weather but light wind.

The crew also received a demo and lesson on how to mark a halyard or whip the end of a double braid line using Mike’s Quick Rope Whipping.

West Point never got over 5 knots, we sailed up to West Point then had a leisurely picnic downwind back to the marina.

Water was flat except for some large rollers from the freighters on the way to the freight terminals.  One of the crew had never seen a freighter close enough to get a feel for the speed (some run at 20 to 24 knots on the way in)


– 30 –

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2 Responses to Mountaineers–September 2, 2012

  1. I do like sailing……’s silent and beautiful. (as long as I’m not the one managing the boat..LOL!)

    • captnmike says:

      yes sailing can be very relaxing – one Nurse Practitioner friend said it was more relaxing said it was more relaxing than two Valium and a Beer on an empty stomach, never ask how she figured the dosage out.

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