Mountaineers, Kayak Class, Lake Sammamish, Open Water

Right side up.

Right side up.

Here are a few pictures from the open water session of the kayak class I am taking.  Was at Lake Sammamish and was an open water session.  Strap us in a kayak then the kayak is flipped upside down and we needed to undo the spray skirt and get out of the kayak while it is upside down, not a natural act at all.  Then get back into the kayak.

At the end I think the instructors were selling tickets to the other instructors to watch me sort of topple out of the kayak at the beach.  Not very graceful at all.

I survived and have two more open water sessions and I graduate.

I was exhausted at the end of the day from climbing into the kayak again and again and we also practiced different paddle strokes.


– c / m –

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