SSYC – August 19, 2015

Eric - Miriam - Jessica - Kathleen

Eric – Miriam – Jessica – Kathleen

Wind started not too bad, bit more that I wanted so just put up the main.

Then sailed into the hole north of Meadow Point, took us a bit of time to get out of it.

Mariam & Kathleen took turns driving for a while.  Both did a good job, Mariam has quite a bit of sailing experience in the past but the memories came back fast.  By the time it was Jessica’s turn to drive the wind was up and things were a bit extra lumpy so she just got to watch.

Then the wind came up and got a bit much so I took back over, West Point only said 16 knots, but a real lumpy 16.  Took spray way over the boat and in some cases solid water.  Took some concentration with the driving.

The new engine & prop worked nice when it was time to take the sail down, had extra power to punch into the waves with some reserve.

Eric - Miriam - Jessica - Kathleen

Eric – Miriam – Jessica – Kathleen

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